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Real Estate Developer

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I am a Real Estate Developer who is interested in using some of my properties in exchange for hunting trips & leases or other vacations. I am a former Whitetail and Waterfowl Hunting Guide (ND) with experience hunting all over the United States. Company Profile- Pike IV/Owner: After 5 years of service to our country in the United Sates Marine Corps, Pike began his real estate career with Pike Hall & Companies. Pike is now a partner and involved in all aspects of managing Pike Hall & Companies. He specializes in land acquisition, working with government entities to rezone properties and obtain development approval, coordination with site contractors to develop the land, coordination with building contractors to build the product, and personally handles all the sales and marketing of our developments. Pike IV manages all of PHC rental properties and home exchanges. Pike III/Owner: Pike is an experienced Real Estate Developer, Contractor, Broker, and Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience. As a successful owner of numerous real estate companies, Pike knows the business from all aspects. This includes his proven ability to purchase the land, analyze the highest and best use of the property, build the product in demand, and handle the sales, marketing and management of both residential and commercial developments.

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Solo, Me + Spouse, Me + Friend, Family

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Outdoor related

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