The Corporate Connection Program is a free aspect of Trips4Trade that provides organizations with a unique search filter for their employees to swap trips internally based on their work connection. This benefit program allows employees to leverage their resources to take new trips. This connection also serves as an added layer of credibility among trade partners. Once an employee adds their listing(s), coworkers that join in the future will be able to contact them with trips they are interested in. 

Do you have a large or national workforce?

Do you want to provide a benefit for employees?

Do you want to increase productivity through improved co-worker relationships?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then you should become a Corporate Connection Partner.

Employee Benefits:

  • Save on trip expenses
  • Access to bucket list trips
  • Connect with remote coworkers
  • Reduce time spent planning new trips
  • Access to new trips in multiple categories
  • Connect with other organization representatives
  • Build relationships with coworkers outside of work 
  • Travel like locals to new places with confidence & security

Organization Benefits:

  • Promote being outdoors
  • Provide an attractive benefit to employees
  • Advertise the company to all Trips4Trade users
  • Increase productivity through improved coworker relationships 
  • Promote corporate social responsibility among the organization

How It Works


Add a trip that you are willing to trade and select which organization you are with.​


Discover a trip that you would like to go on by browsing the current listings or by using your company’s search filter.


Trade your trip directly for theirs.