Contributing to R3

A core goal at Trips4Trade is contributing to the R3 initiative. We do this by breaking down the outdoors entry barriers of access, finances, and knowledge. With our platform, you get to experience new adventures more affordably with an experienced, local mentor or guide.

An example is a father who had a lease for hunting but didn’t renew years ago when finances got tight. He now resides in the city and wants to take his children hunting for the first time but no longer has access to property and lives on a budget. However, he does still have a family lake vacation home and season tickets to a pro-sports team in town. Through Trips4Trade, this father can let someone stay in his vacation home, or use his tickets to one game, in exchange for a hunting trip with an experienced mentor. The kids have been recruited through an unforgettable, first-time hunting experience. The father has now been reactivated with only the affordable expenses of hunting licenses and travel. Lastly, Trips4Trade helps retain them by incentivizing multiple trades each year.

Conservation Partnerships

We believe real impact and scale comes from partnerships. Our startup structure has allowed us to be flexible and discover many creative ways to work with our partners. When partnering with conservation groups, we provide discounted memberships and free ad space in exchange for promotion. In the case of product or service-based companies, we offer a Perks Program that provides our members with exclusive deals to their products and services. This program delivers free advertisement to all our website traffic and helps push sales of products/services that our members will find beneficial in their upcoming adventures. For large corporations, we have a corporate program that offers bulk discount pricing to the company to provide a benefit to their employees. We are continuously striving to enhance our offerings to fit the needs of our partners best.




“At Trips4Trade, we believe that in order to have the largest, positive impact on the environment we must work together. We are very proud to support all of our conservation partners.”

– Trips4Trade Staff



We are 2% Business Certified

No matter where your business operates, no matter your industry, no matter your business size – 2% Certification is designed to be attainable and sustainable.

1% Time + 1% Money

=2% For Conservation

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