John Cassimus' Grand Slam Quest

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100% of donations are submitted to the NWTF to support conservation and hunter recruitment
All 4 sub-species of Turkey in 36 hours. Starting April 13th. All live streamed.
Official Time 45hrs 52min 41sec

Donations Raised $23,605

NWTF Memberships 378

Miles Traveled 2,935

John Cassimus with a Turkey

John Cassimus is attempting to set the world record for the quickest completion of the National Wild Turkey Federation Grand Slam. The goal is to harvest all four birds within 36 hours on film and streamed Live.

All proceeds will be donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation to support conservation and hunter recruitment.

We're giving away over $20,000 in prizes!

How long do you think it will take John to complete the Grand Slam Quest?

Submit your guess below with a donation to the NWTF and you will be entered in our largest giveaway ever! Over $20,000 in raffle prizes with 40+ winners!

The guess that is closest to the completion time will win the Grand Prize Pack valued at over $3,000!

Grand Slam Quest Prizes

Grand Slam Quest Prize Packs

Over 40 winners!


The NWTF is the leading nongovernmental agency when it comes to protecting the wild turkey and out hunting heritage. Please support the NWTF in this quest and you will also receive a NWTF membership!

Guessing for the grand prize will conclude during the first 12 hours of the quest. However, all other entries will be counted throughout the whole quest for the remaining 40+ packages.

If you already have a NWTF Membership, the membership included in your donation will be added as an extension to your current membership.

** The donation period has ended.
Thank you to everyone who donated!! **


John Cassimus Shooter


John Cassimus with a Turkey
Slade Johnston Streamer


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Matt Lowry Video


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