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I live and farm grapes that go into Welch's grape products, here in the Yakima Valley, WA state. We have a second home/ recreation property in North Idaho near the Canadian border. I am near retirement and enjoy traveling around the world a bit with my wife. I am also a SCUBA diver/ spear fisherman so am open to many and various trades. I have had several successful swaps. We enjoy traveling to new places to meet the locals, stay and visit in "new" areas, with hunting, fishing, skiing, scuba diving and or general vacationing/sightseeing. My wife and I both grew up on farms, so we know how to cook, clean up, and work, and we expect the same. Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer, a good cigar, dogs, kids, jazz music, 28 Ga. SxS shotgun, and Indian Tipis.

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