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Finally take the bucket list trip you have been wanting for years. Trips4Trade helps adventure seekers like you take a trip of a lifetime at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Trips4Trade will give you access to trips that you’ve never had before, creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

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The nice thing about this trip was how easy they made it for us. They picked us up from the airport, guided us, fed us, helped us process our game, and truly made us feel like we were part of the family. I love the fact that Trips4Trade is so economical; we traded lodging, hunting, and food and just ended up paying for tags, etc.

John G

In exchange for a duck hunt in Arkansas, I was given the opportunity to go on a turkey hunt in Ward, AL, where the turkey flourish. I was very excited for this trip knowing that the hunter whom I traded trips with was not only very knowledgeable with turkeys, but also very good at killing these seemingly impossible-to-kill birds. The results on both ends were fantastic.

Caleb W

I went on a turkey hunting trip in Alabama in exchange for surfing in California. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing new places and learning from an expert turkey hunter. Also, his grandmother baked us her “famous” homemade biscuits. I do not think I will ever taste a better biscuit in my lifetime.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit a current listing?

1. Sign In
2. Click on “Listings”
3. Select desired listing
4. Click the edit listing icon next to the Title of the listing
5. Ensure changes are saved

Why is it a membership model?

The membership is in place for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it helps to measure the credibility and seriousness of a user. Secondly, a membership model allows you to go on unlimited trips per year without paying a transaction fee for each trip.

What if I decide to no longer list trips on Trips4Trade?

You can remove your listing(s) on Trips4Trade at any time.

I am uncomfortable with something on Trips4Trade. What should I do?

We kindly ask you to report situations like this via email to [email protected].

May I send my telephone number or email address to other users?

Yes. You may exchange contact info with other users. However, we recommend exchanging only after you have both expressed interest in trading. Upon agreeing to exchange, users must notify Trips4Trade to receive optimal service and support. Anything you do without cannot be used in case of a complaint.

How does the detail search work?

When using the detail search, you have the option to stipulate all of the search criteria in one step. Subsequently, only corresponding offers will be displayed.

How can I find what I am looking for among all of the offers?

The drop-down menu and the filter on the “Trips” page provide you the option to filter your search at your discretion. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the detail search on the homepage.

Is there a way to get informed if offers are posted which might interest me?

Yes. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest on new trips and other news going on at Trips4Trade. 

Will I be informed about requests regarding my offer(s)?

You will get an email as soon a request has been received.

Can I take back reviews/change them?

If you want to edit your evaluation, please email your edits and reason for editing to: [email protected]

I have unwarrantedly received a bad review.

Reviews are given by users on the grounds of their individual impressions. Unfulfilled expectations or misunderstandings can be the reason for this. Clarify the reason for bad reviews with your Trade Partner. In exceptional cases, reviews can be rewritten. We recommend replying to the review with how you have improved in a respectful and appreciative way.

I have not received a review yet. What can I do?

There is no obligation for anyone to evaluate their Trade Partner. In this case, we recommend you pro-actively ask your Trade Partner to evaluate you.

Do I have to leave a review regarding my trip?

There is no obligation to leave a review regarding your trip. However, we kindly ask you to use this opportunity in order to facilitate other users’ decision making.

What about insurance?

It’s always a good idea to talk to your insurer before your trip to make sure you are covered while you swap and to give yourself a chance to take out any extra coverage should you need it.

Who is liable for accidents that occur on a trip?

Trips4Trade is in no way liable for accidents or injury that occur on a trip. By using Trips4Trade, you are accepting liability for unintentional accidents or injuries that may occur on a trip.

What if I am very busy and don’t have time to look for potential trades?

Listing is very easy and will only take a few minutes. Once you list your trip(s) on Trips4Trade, other users can reach out to you even if you are not very active on the site. Premium features also allow you to be notified via email when specific trips you are interested in are added to the site.

What if I don’t want people knowing the specifics of what I have to offer?

Users can only see the info that you want them to. For example, you do not have to list the specific city you are hunting near, how much property you have, the names of your property, your full name, and so on. Although specifics may increase your chances for interest, your listing can simply state, “Turkey hunt in Alabama.” Once an interested user inquires about the Trade, you will have the option to disclose more information as necessary.

How do I make sure the trade is of equal value?

There is no determinable factor to ensure a trade is of equal value. Value is subjective to each person’s experiences. Most people place value on a trip that they do not have access to. Thus, rarity usually equals value on this platform. While one trip may not be rare for some, it will be unique for others.

What if I don’t provide accommodations or lodging?

Accommodations and lodging are not required on a trip. However, adding this increases the value of your trip offering. Some users provide accommodations and lodging, and some users only provide the trip experience. We recommend that you either invite them to stay with you or suggest a local hotel for your Trade Partner to stay in.

What if I only have a small piece of property to offer?

You must be very transparent about what you have to offer. Make sure to put the size of the property in your listing. However, even if your property is small, it will be valuable to someone that is less fortunate.  Rest assured that if you enjoy it, someone else will too.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Aside from an annual membership fee and a deposit holding fee (should you select it), there are no other costs to Trips4Trade. However, costs for travel, transport, accommodation, food, and hunting documents typically occur to complete a Trade. These costs are paid by you unless otherwise agreed with the Trade Partner.

What should I do if I cannot get in contact with the Trade Partner before, during, or after a trip?

Contact us immediately at [email protected].

Can I transfer a trip?

Transferring a trip must be clarified with the Trade Partner. Of course, you are able to mutually agree on the details of your hunt with your Trade Partner.

Can Trade transactions be cancelled or postponed?

As long as the Trade has not been completed, it can be canceled or postponed under mutual agreement. However, as soon as one party has completed his side of the Trade, a cancellation is no longer possible; although a postponement may be an option.

How does a Trade work?

Once you have listed a Trade offer online, you will receive offers from other users or you can make a Trade request yourself. As soon as you and the other user have agreed, nothing stands between you and the Trade.

What happens if my Trade Partner damages my property while on my trip?

We recommend having this scenario agreed on in writing before the trip takes place. Our suggestion is for each user to pay for any damages they cause on a trip. We provide a “Trade Contract” in our resource tab to help make this legally binding.

I feel threatened or unsafe during my trip. What do I do?

If you are currently on the trip, then call law enforcement, 911, and leave immediately. You must then notify us at [email protected] We will evaluate both members perspectives and provide the appropriate next steps.

If we can confirm that your Trade Partner was intentionally harmful or threatening then they will be permanently removed from the website. If this is the case, then you will not be required to fulfill your trade obligation to them.

My trip experience was not as portrayed or explained. What do I do?

Please notify us at [email protected] if you are not satisfied. We will evaluate both members perspectives and provide the appropriate next steps. If we can confirm that your Trade Partner was intentionally deceptive and provided false information, then they will be permanently removed from the website. If this is the case, then you will not be required to fulfill your trade obligation to them.

My Trade partner has arrived at my destination and I cannot keep my trade agreement. What should I do?

You must inform your trade partner regarding options of cancellation, withdrawal, or alternative offers. We recommend you help your trade partner find lodging and alternative activities while at your destination, if they are interested in staying. You may attempt to book a replacement date and offer to help remedy their troubles. We recommend compensating your trade partner for any expenses they may have incurred.

I have offered and exchanged something that I no longer have (loss of hunting grounds, lease expired, etc.). What can I do?

We recommend you clarify with your Trade partner in advance how to proceed when the Trade has been completed on one side only. A possibility could be an alternative offer or compensation.

I cannot keep a trade agreement. My Trade partner has already booked their trip to me. What should I do?

You must inform your trade partner regarding options of cancellation, withdrawal, or alternative offers. If they are interested, attempt to book a replacement date and offer to help remedy their troubles. We recommend compensating your trade partner for any expenses they may have incurred.

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